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What is FloYo®?

FloYo Mantra:

Release fear, get free, have fun!

FloYo Vision:

Inspire communities to find balance on their board and beyond.

FloYo Mission:

Create an experience on a stand up paddle board which encourages freedom, self exploration, and fun.

So, what is FloYo?

FloYo fitness classes are full body workouts performed on a stand up paddle board. Classes combine yoga sequences and interval training methods to create a full body workout.

But, why Should I Try A FloYo Class? 

FloYo seeks to provide a unique workout suitable for all levels of fitness which leaves you feeling refreshed and more in tune with your body. FloYo classes utilize the core while connecting the mind and body to create a strong physique and clear mind.

Our Story

FloYo® was created out of a passion for being active on the water. FloYo founder, Jessie Benson, has always loved being on the water and as a collegiate rower she was able to combine her sports background with her love of water sports. A few years after leaving the rowing world, Jessie discovered stand up paddling while traveling in the Gili Islands and instantly fell in love. The second she stepped on a board for the first time she began to dream about ways to combine her passion for teaching group fitness classes with the blissful feeling of being on a board.

In 2012, FloYo was born and since then the classes have been refined to create the full mind/body experience that they are today. FloYo classes are now being taught around the world with over 200  FloYo teachers offering classes in all corners of the globe from Nicaragua to Australia. FloYo classes are currently offered at some of the world’s most prestigious fitness centers and resorts including The Four Seasons, Rancho Santana and Secrets Resorts. The FloYo certification and teacher training is consistently recognized as one of the most comprehensive SUP Fitness Trainings in the world and is offered in North America, South America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. FloYo has been featured at some of the largest fitness conferences and festivals, including the ECA World Fitness Conference, Wanderlust Festival (North America as well as Australia and New Zealand), and the WSSC Conference.

FloYo is constantly evolving as the sport of SUP continues to grow and evolve. In 2018 we launched the FloYo Success School. This continuing education platform is the first of its kind in the industry with advanced paddle board and yoga training!

Another new addition to our FloYo offerings are the FloYo Travels Retreats. These unique travel experiences take you to some of the most beautiful paddle destinations in the world. Learn more about our upcoming retreats here!