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International Retreats

Explore The World With FloYo!

FloYo Travels specializes in curating unique international retreats. Our intention is to guide you to some of the most remote corners of the world and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone as you embrace new cultures, diverse landscapes and breathtaking beauty. On our international retreats, you can expect a well-balanced itinerary filled with cultural immersion activities, outdoor adventures and time to unwind and relax as you take in our gorgeous destinations. Through daily yoga practice, standup paddle adventures and FloYo you will be guided on a journey of self discovery. Our daily cultural activities range from cooking classes to dancing lessons and historical tours. We aim to work with all local businesses and experts to provide you with a truly local experience. 

Each retreat is thoughtfully designed by FloYo Founder Jessie Benson. Jessie is passionate about handcrafting authentic travel adventures and through her experience leading 20+ adventure retreats over the past 10 years, she can assure you that every detail of your travel experience will be taken care of. Our FloYo Travels experiences will encourage you to let go and step into the unknown so you can discover the world in an entirely new way!

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