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Meditation Monday #1

A woman doing FloYo in Australia

As noted in my last post about our mindfulness theme, this month I will be sharing 4 five-minute meditations. The idea is to start your week on am mindful note, so I hope you will listen to our first one tomorrow morning.

In addition to adding more mindfulness to my daily routine this month, I have also decided to do a week-long digital detox. Beginning this evening, I will be deleting FB, IG, SnapChat, etc. from my phone and saying goodbye to all forms of social media for the next week. Being a business owner, I cannot completely cut social media out long term, but I do think it will be healthy to take a brief hiatus from the daily (sometimes hourly) checks and updates.

Maybe you are wondering what has spurred this sudden parting from all things social….well, it’s not so sudden at all. For a while now I have been tracking my moods, my feelings, my anxieties and my thought patterns and I have noticed that more time I spend on social media- Facebook specifically- the more drastic the shifts in my energy and mood seem to be. Social media is extremely powerful, and that power can be both good and bad. I enjoy Instagram because I have more control over what content I see, I can choose to search for specific things and only follow/look at the stories and posts that are inspiring and positive in nature. But sometimes when I log in to Facebook I get sucked into this negative thought pattern and downward spiral. I get excited to see updates from friends that I haven’t seen recently and then the next second I am feeling sad and sorry for myself for silly and unreasonable things- like not hitting certain life milestone’s yet. I know I am not alone in this, but I believe that for me personally, I will benefit from disconnecting for a bit…even if only for a week! 🙂

Additionally, I recently read a March “Energy Forecast”…not something I usually follow but it was very interesting!! It talked a