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Thank you, Bali!

After 3+ long years of waiting, our FloYo Travels Bali Retreat has finally taken place! We have now been home for 5 days and when people ask, “How was Bali”? It is almost impossible to answer. How do you put into a few words an experience that has changed your entire perspective of the world? Here is my best attempt:

Bali was… Impactful. Eye opening. Spiritual. Refreshing. Inspiring.

Meeting and spending time with the Balinese people restores my faith in humanity. Being surrounded by the Balinese spirit and way of life opens my eyes to a new way of living. Being on this “Island of Gods” shows me that there are so many incredible people in this world.

So, why is Bali so special? What is it about the Balinese people that set them apart? Why is this tiny island so different than anywhere else I have travelled?

I think there is a lot to uncover about the magic of Bali, but one of their guiding beliefs really stands out in my mind. “Tri Hita Karana” means living in harmony with God, among humans and with nature. The central philosophy of Balinese people are the “3 Sources of Good”. In Bali, people find gratitude for achieving balance in their life- balance between spirit, nature and community. This emphasis on finding balance is visible in every aspect of Balinese life- from their daily offerings and rituals, to the blessing ceremonies for rice fields and water sources, to how they take care of their neighbors and community (did you know there is not a single homeless person in Bali- they take care of one another and would never let someone sleep on the streets).

You cannot help but feel this sense of balance, gratitude & acceptance when you talk to any of the locals. Their joy for life and positive attitude is contagious. They do not care what religion you are, what your sexuality is, where you are from or what you believe in. They treat every single human the way they would like to be treated. People in Bali are ALWAYS smiling- they believe in Karma. And they believe karma requires that they be aware that every one of their actions produces a good or bad outcome for their future. So, if they are positive and considerate in every action and thought now, they will receive protection and blessings in the future. To make this even more impactful, they believe that their actions & thoughts are often rewarded immediately, not jsut some time in the distant future. They truly live in the moment. And their positive interactions with every person they meet results in a powerful unconditional happiness.

To me, these people are what make Bali so special. Of course the beautiful beaches, incredible waterfalls, breathtaking rice terraces and ancient temples all add to the appeal, but the people and their way of life are what make the trek to Bali so impactful.